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The shortest path to financial prosperity is not hard work or big plans.  It is first understanding the rules of the Money Game! We are licensed financial services referral agents.  We work with an independent financial services marketing company as independent agents.  We provide expert financial needs analysis for every family and small business currently in North America.  We do this and then provide professional recommendations to reach those goals. In the ‘information age’ the rules of the money game are no longer a secret of the wealthy.   The financial industry is the biggest industry in the world and is triple the size as the 2nd closes industry, which is real estate.  Bigger than the second and third industries combined.

Additionally, currently financial services is dominantly men in their late 40’s early 50’s, which leaves a tremendous hiring gap.  There is a great need for women in the financial services arena.  “In an era where financial services firms face increasing competition from new market entrants, ever-present regulatory overhead and the challenge of achieving growth in a low interest rate environment, it’s critical to build greater innovation and flexibility into the workforce. A proactive approach to diversity planning will broaden the talent pool and enhance workplace culture to better prepare financial services firms to thrive in the future.” — Nigel Carter, Partner and Global Leader, Financial Services Industry

As you can see, men and women both are encouraged to delve into the financial services industry, however, we are strongly encouraging women especially.  We are trying to educate Americans on the fact that not only is there a need but this particular industry helps answer so many increased questions that plaque most.  Look into your options!!

Longer work hours, higher debt, few raises, horrible bosses, less family time — you can become a business owner regardless of age, ethnicity, background, experience level.  A year from now, will you be in the same place, financially, professionally?  Will you have the same schedule and the same boss?  Just know that you can be a business owner from coast to coast, with a world class education on how money works. You can get your life back, get control of your money, your retirement, you and your families future!
Find the off ramp from corporate America and be free and help all you know to do the same.

We’re hiring folks that want to take control of their own destiny.  Schedule your appointment for more information.

Sindy Moon, Broker, Marketing Director

Eclipse Financial Division


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