What is a Financial Needs Analysis?

A professional Financial Needs Analysis provides broad, general guidelines, which may be helpful in determining your personal financial needs.  Each of the recommendations provided as part of this analysis are calculated independently and are not intended to be a comprehensive financial plan. Calculations contained in this analysis are estimates only based on the information you provided, such as the value of your assets today, and the rate at which the assets appreciate.  The actual values, rates of growth, and tax rates may be significantly different from those illustrated. 

Each scenario shown illustrates your current situation or an alternative strategy and its possible effects on the financial situation you provided.  Inclusion of one or more of these strategies does not constitute a recommendation of that strategy over any other strategy. If you’re like most people, you don’t have a lot of money to invest initially.  That’s why time is critical. When you’re young, you can save small amounts and still end up with thousands of dollars at retirement.  If you wait to begin saving, you must save much more. If you want to be financially independent, you have no choice – you must start now, or later you must save more.  One thing is certain: you can’t afford the high cost of waiting. 

What info do I need?

  • Family member names (legal & common)
  • Date of birth, height & weight for each member
  • Current health condition and medications for each member
  • Current gross monthly income for each member
  • Current net monthly
  • Current debts to include and separated out:
    • Mortgage, balance, rate, monthly payment and loan length
    • Credit cards, balance, rate and minimum monthly payments
    • Current real estate owned and value
    • Current vehicles owned and value
    • Child care costs, if any
    • Education costs, if any
  • 401K asset value
  • Any other investment values if any
  • Other stated monthly budget expenses
  • Current health & life insurance in place, death benefit amounts, term & monthly payments.

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