Hey Industry Professionals, come join us in helping others!

Hello there. Let me tell you who we are and what we do.  My name is Sindy and I am a financial professional and a financial talent scout for our virtual financial services organization. 

Many families are open to receiving guidance to help them achieve their dreams of realizing the lifestyle they always imagined, however, only 39% of families have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency.  LIMRA (Life Insurance and Market Research Association) found that 60% of US retirees are worried about their Social Security benefits being cut and almost 50% are concerned about whether they will be able to cover health care expenses that exceed what Medicare will cover.  We are committed to helping families get on track to build and live the lifestyle they have always dreamed possible.

Our vision:

  • Create a generation of people who are disciplined and wise with their money.
  • Help our agents build strong virtual businesses that provide the freedom to choose where and when they work, play, travel & live.

What we do for families!

There is now a dramatic market need for financial literacy.  Most financial companies are focused only on the wealthy with minimum investments starting at $200,000 to $250,000.  Consequently, most families are dramatically under-served.  There is an overwhelming need but insufficient distribution.  At a time when a financial education is needed like never before, the industry has been slow to respond, creating a huge opportunity for you to capitalize.

The sad current situation of many families is that they are under protected and living with too much debt.  Not saving, or if they are, not clearly understanding why or how much savings they will need to meet their goals and dreams later in life.  Often they don’t have a strategy to overcome these dilemmas or are not making enough money to do anything about it anyway so they simply give up and just run the so-called “rat race”.  What actually happens to people who don’t get the help they need?

The price is being paid by too many families – they have a lack of financial independence, which contributes to the following:

  • Stress and frustration in the home
  • Negative impact on marriages and children
  • Lost opportunities
  • Lost confidence
  • Lowered expectations

Do you know anyone that is experiencing this now?  Or are you possibly experiencing any of these in your own life?  If we really want to experience a true quality of life, we have to take control of our financial situation.

Our Mission!

  • We share the insight and understanding that the wealthy have with every family we can reach
  • We help families set goals and have a clear strategy to pursue them
  • We are driven by our desire to help families get into a better, stronger financial situation.

We start this process by doing a personalized confidential Financial Needs Analysis that takes a snapshot of a family’s current financial situation.  We then make recommendations based on their goals and objectives allowing us to select products that best fit that family’s individual needs.   We access some of the most respected companies in the industry today. Giving them access to leading-edge products designed to help families pursue financial independence.

There are so many products and services that are available to help families reach their financial goals and dreams. Too many to simply list here.

How We Do It!

We offer products such as Indexed Universal Life Insurance.  And many other products.

  • The main purpose of Life Insurance is to provide a death benefit to the beneficiary.
  • No income tax on potential cash value growth so it grows tax deferred.
  • No income tax on withdrawals through policy loans so you can access most of your cash value income tax-free.
  • No federal income tax on death benefit to your beneficiaries.

Living Benefits offer your family benefits you can use while you are still living.  It can help protect your family’s plans for today and tomorrow.

  • Chronic Illness Protection
  • Terminal Illness Protection
  • Critical Illness Protection
  • Death Benefit Protection

As a Financial Services Organization with Financial Professionals who come with years of proven success, experience, knowledge and hundreds of business partners and resources we are here to assist families in this endeavor.

Come Join Us In Our Mission!

Every ingredient is readily available to our professionals in order to ensure their success. No industry pays more than the money business.

If you like the idea of starting a business in the financial industry but worry about the high cost and high risk that could come with it, you will love the possibilities offered through our organization.

  • Solid Technology = Leverage a modern back-office with technology that helps you become an efficient and effective business owner.
  • Proven System = Put our simple system to use so you can focus on growing your business instead of creating your own model.
  • Growth Potential = Enjoy compensation and advancement opportunities that are unlike anything else in the financial services industry.
  • Life-Changing Events = Experience events and trips that will push you to work harder, past big milestones toward your dreams.
  • Smart Marketing = Reach contacts, prospects, followers and your team with a digital marketing suite that brings your business to life.
  • Back-Office Support = Rely on our home office experts who manage commissions, licensing and more, so you don’t have to.
  • Helpful Training = Grow constantly with mentorship and guidance from virtual financial entrepreneurs who are dedicated to your success.
  • Recognition = Receive meaningful acknowledgement of your accomplishments with memorable rewards that mark your successes.

We have a virtual nationwide completely E-business model.  The financial services industry is changing, especially in these new post Covid19 times.  You can run a business fully virtual, from anywhere.  24/7/365 support, client videos, emails and training videos.  Electronic applications and E-signature systems are available.

To work in this wonderful virtual arena, we have three powerful roles in which you can align yourself with.

  1. Inviter Role = Invite guests and prospects to our recorded webinars. Drive traffic to your replicated websites. Send proven email templates to prospects.
  2. Manager Role = Get new reps to commit to a fast start. Schedule appointment with Financial Professional to discuss your personal strategy.
  3. Financial Professional Role = Meet with clients online to set up a suitable monthly plan. Follow through the entire underwriting process, stay in communication with client, keep referring inviters and managers informed.

Senior Marketing Director (Life License Only) – Average Earnings $42,821 to Highest $759,874

Executive Marketing Director – Average Earnings $222,231 to Highest at $2,091,572

CEO Marketing Director – Average Earnings $415,116 to Highest at $2,961,610

The Virtual Advantage!

A review of our virtual advantage

  • You can work from home or anywhere
  • For only the cost of phone, laptop and replicated websites
  • A full 50 state virtual reach, as well as Canada, Puerto Rico & other areas to come
  • Full virtual teams for workload support

With our plan you can be more productive, have more control of your time and have a better quality of life.

We are a Family Focused Business. We involve and support the families of our agents. We believe in teamwork in the home – this creates an environment where we are happier and more effective.  And we encourage our business partners and their families to be optimistic and never stop dreaming about how good life can be.

We have three different work level options to choose from:

  1. Client = Grow your financial knowledge. Utilize our strategies to plan for your future.
  2. Part-Time = Become a licensed financial professional. Choose your own hours and build your business on your own terms.
  3. Full-Time = Build a business without limitations as big as your vision. Take advantage of a wide variety of incentives.

Come and join us, help yourself, help others and get paid very handsomely to do so!

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