Eclipse Atlanta Realty came under the ownership of Reggie Moon three months before the worst real estate crash in history. Year after year we have increased our footprint, web presence, agents and revenues.

In 2006 Reggie Moon bought NEO REALTY and changed the name to Eclipse Atlanta Realty and became the Qualifying Broker. “I have bought and sold several houses prior to getting my license and I was AMAZED at how little the real estate agents helped guide and direct….They seemed like spectators instead of paid professionals. I heard ‘oh, I don’t know’ ten times more than I heard actual advice.” With that Eclipse Atlanta Realty began to grow and flourish in order to help others with the same lack of education, knowledge and PASSION that Reggie saw had been missing. He wanted Eclipse to provide those services to clients from day one! It’s been a bumpy road with the big banks forgetting how to act like banks, buyers believing them and the government changing the rules every time congress turns the lights on, but we maintain and persist because we love our clients and love the business! But everyone enjoys what they’re good at right?

We incorporate 4 simple, yet important values in our every interaction:

  1. Make the phones ring.
  2. Answer the call, even if it’s to say “I’m on the other line, I’ll call you right back”.
  3. Answer the questions they ask …… even the ones they SHOULD HAVE.
  4. Follow up.