How To Re-Invest Yourself

The First step is to realize and accept that the person you are RIGHT NOW  is by your own design. Either consciously or subconsciously, either actively or passively. If you are over the age of 18 you cannot use the excuse that you are a product of your environment because you choose your environment. You choose to take (or not take) the actions that you do. You choose to allow certain people into your life. You choose to accept your current circumstances or situation.  You choose to change or not change.

The second step you must do is create a full and complete VISION of who “the new you” will be. What will you look like?  How will you talk?  What kind of people will you associate with?  What kind of car will drive?   What does your home look like?   What type of vacations will you take?  What kind of charitable contributions will you make?

The third step is, TAKE ACTION. Don’t expect you will instantly transform over night. Take one small step every day with the final vision always on your mind. Break your ultimate goal into small, manageable pieces. If your ultimate goal is to loose 50 lbs, start with loosing 5 lbs this month. If you want to drive that nice car, research how much it will cost then determine how much you have to save every week to be able to purchase with cash. Decide the type of people you will surround yourself with then actively search for those people and build a relationship with them. Quietly doing nothing will guarantee you will be in the same place next year.   Taking ACTION will ensure you are closer to your goals next year.

Setting resolutions has a history of not being attained.   So it’s important to set attainable goals than do what it takes to reach them.

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions Nationwide (USA Today 2019):

Exercise to get in shape           19.7%

Diet to lose weight                      18.3%

Save money                                14.8%

Eat healthier in general              11.9%

Something for self care                5.5%

The Easiest Resolution for Americans to keep:

Personal development                26.5%

The Hardest Resolution for Americans to keep:

Health eating / diet changes       32.7%

With this in mind, just remember …….. Realize, Visualize, then Take Action!

B.Sadler 2021

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