If you never want to work again….

So many people dream about financial independence.  A future in which you no longer have to work for a living. Yes, seems pretty sweet!  However, it’s not easy to get there. It requires making a lot of very difficult decisions and choices along the way.

You have to have a vision for the future.

If you’re doing this simply because sitting around all day playing video games or just binging on movies sounds awesome, you’re probably not going to be motivated to stick with it. You need to have a compelling reason to do this, because it’s that compelling reason that will help push you through.

What would you do with your life if you didn’t have to work for income? What things would you achieve? What would you fill your life with?

Those questions aren’t easy ones to answer. They require a lot of thought and they will likely involve consideration of life paths that you’re not going to follow up on. That’s okay. When you do find the right thing, you’ll know, because it will start to drive you forward.

The key thing is to realize that it is possible. You can make that vision a reality, and when it’s an exciting vision, it can really help drive your life forward.

You have to put a strong check on your short-term desires.

This is the big one. For this dream to happen, you have to start living way below your means.  You simply can’t spend money on every whim and desire that comes your way, because if you do that, you simply won’t have the means to retire early.

That means that you need to go through a rather challenging process of evaluating how you spend every dollar and asking yourself whether that dollar spent is providing a lot of long-term value in your life. If it’s not, you need to cut that spending.

This doesn’t mean living like a hermit. This means that when you do spend money, you’re spending it on things that will have a lot of value in your life for a long time.

You have to start investing for the future.

Simply spending less isn’t enough. You’re also going to have to take the extra money that you earn and don’t spend.  Invest it sensibly.

Contact Eclipse Financial Division to discuss a financial roadmap for you to reach your goals and dreams. Regardless of what you choose, the most important thing by far is that you start saving and start saving now and start saving as much as you can.

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