….with expectant gratefulness “YES, thank you!”

Picture the worst flood you’ve ever experienced. And the nicest subdivision of homes you’ve ever imagined. The flood is now up to the roof of each of the houses.  One of the homeowners is on the top of his roof. He is praying for God to save him. Now a stranger in a canoe floats past as Mr. Homeowner is praying. The canoe captain asks “hey there my friend, do you need some help?”  The homeowner says, “thank you, but no. God is going to save me”.  A few moments later, a sailboat floats past as the homeowner is praying. The sailboat operator asks “hey there friend, do you need some help?”. The homeowner again responds, “thank you, but no. I don’t need your help. I’m busy praying. God is going to save me”.   Soon, a 30’ speed boat  passes by, and of course as you can imagine, the captain asks “do you need some assistance?”  The homeowner once again responds “No thank you sir but my God is going to save me”.  Not too long after that the homeowner dies.  When he arrives to Heaven he asks God “I prayed to you. Why didn’t you save me?”  God then answers the homeowner “Son, I sent so many of my angels to help you but you declined my help”

Let’s go back to the homeowners roof. The homeowner has a neighbor in this really nice subdivision. The neighbor is on his roof praying to God to save him.  The first stranger in a canoe floats past as Mr. Neighbor is praying.  The canoe captain asks “hey there my friend, do you need some help?”  The neighbor says with expectant gratefulness “YES, thank you!”  The neighbor hops into the canoe as they both are singing Gods praises of thankfulness.  Years later the neighbor and canoe boat captain are now living in the magnificent valley on the other side of the mountain from the flooded neighborhood. They are so abundantly wealthy and have helped thousands more people with their own fleet of canoes that they have now. One of their many hobbies is weekend canoeing after church so that they will never forget what God did through them.

The moral of this story is two-fold;

1.Pray for God’s assistance will an expectant and thankful heart, knowing that he loves you and does hear your prayers.

2.Secondly, BE the vehicle with which God can bring the assistance to those that ask Him.



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